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Finance and Accounting

Credit Management

  1. Credit Policy
  2. Billing and Management
  3. Collections

Accounts Payable

  1. Processing
  2. Reconciliations & End-Of-Month Activities
  3. Payments & Customer Management


  1. Transactional
  2. Budgeting
  3. Reporting

NB: Scope of Services shown above is designed as a solution guide only, subject to client requirements these services can be further customized.

Credit Management Architecture - Scope of services

Credit Policy

  1. Authorize and manage credit
  2. Establish and maintain Credit Policy

Billing and Management

  1. Manage Sales Orders
  2. Manage contracts, customer requests and inquiries
  3. Billing the customers


  1. Manage and process collections
  2. Process disputes and deductions
  3. Maintain customer Master Data
  4. Maintain accounts receivable ledger and apply cash

Accounts Payable Architecture - Scope of services


  1. Invoice Processing
  2. Time and Expense
  3. Purchase Cards and Direct Billing
  4. Payment Proposal


  1. GL Reconciliations
  2. Bank reconciliations and intercompany reconciliations
  3. Journal processing and supplier reconciliations

Payments & Customer Managment

  1. Prepare and run payment schedule
  2. Vendor Management (review discounts and other benefits)
  3. Dispute resolution
  4. Source and manage helpdesk
  5. Ad hoc Recoveries and other management

Finance & Management Architecture - Scope of services


  1. Reconciliations
  2. Fixed Assets


  1. Project / Cost Accounting
  2. Financial accounting & consolidation


  1. Statutory / Regulatory accounting
  2. 1st level forecasting and budgeting