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FAOCCD Programme for Students


Many students with excellent accountancy and academic qualifications fail to secure their attainable employment in the BPO industry, the fastest growing service industry in the world with expansions exceeding conventional boundaries. Having well analyzed the missing element in the equation, we have come up with the competency development programme that not only opens you to this world of opportunities, but also gives you the edge above the rest. Your training programme for tomorrow!

What is the FAOCCD Programme?

The FAOCCD Programme is designed by Kaleido Source (Private) Limited with input from a large number of employers within the outsourcing industry in Sri Lanka. It will provide you with a 360 degree view of all aspects associated with providing outsourcing services from understanding legal and regulatory laws that govern outsourcing to practical skills like Microsoft Excel, soft skills and hands on training in some key accounting processes within a business simulation experiences.

The FAOCCD Programme consists of a number of modules split into theoretical and practical learning, with each section and relevant course outcomes being equally important. Accordingly, it is imperative each student grasps all of these concepts and develop the required competencies needed not only to pass this training programme, but also to create an ideal platform to build your own career in the Finance and Accounting Outsourcing industry.

The following modules will be covered as part of the training programme.

  1. BPO Introduction and Basics
  2. BPO Scope of Work
  3. BPO Controls and Compliance
  4. BPO Legal and Regulatory Framework
  5. BPO Soft Skills
  6. BPO Centric Case Study
  7. Guest Presentation
  8. BPO Work Environment Simulation
  9. Microsoft Excel Skills

How will it help me?

This competency development programme has been designed with input from top level employers in the local Finance and Accounting Outsourcing sector to groom the future workforce of the industry. Hence it includes the knowledge and insight that will increase your awareness and appreciation of the industry along with training on specific skills which are mandatory to enter the industry and excel as an employee. In other words it will make you more competent and employable in the Finance and Accounting Outsourcing sector.

Where will it be conducted?

The theoretical content will be delivered in a classroom environment while Microsoft Excel training in a computer lab environment and the BPO work environment simulation at the KaleidoSource delivery center. At the time of signup, students will be instructed by the programme office regarding the delivery locations for each module.

How will it be conducted?

The Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Core Competency Development Programme consists of the 9 modules listed above. All modules will be complemented with a mix of learning aids. These will vary from module to module but will be mainly class room and computer based training complimented with guest lectures and case studies.

Who will it facilitate it?

Each module of the programme will be delivered by industry practitioners/specialists who is employed in a role the specific areas that are being discussed in the respective modules.

Rs. 25,000/- + 12% VAT (Rs. 28,000)
CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting
82 hour programme delivered over within 3 months from commencement.
4 hour sessions on the weekends coupled with a few weekday evening sessions.
Please click here to sign up and a programme coordinator will contact you for the next start date of the training programme.