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FAOCCD Programme for Employers

Too many interviews and very few recruits, high induction training costs, lengthy learning curves and process migration delays... Sounds like familiar concerns?

FAOCCD is the "training for tomorrow", transforming the potential candidate into a ready-to-market employee. Created by the insight and expertise of industry leaders, this competency development programme includes the theoretical and industry related knowledge combined with the essential soft skills to produce a resource funnel to meet the demands and expectations of the FAO BPO sector.

Our Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Core Competency Development Programme, also known as FAOCCD will share these direct benefits with organizations in the local FAO market.

Ready-to-deploy resource pool
Recruit employees with the right attitude who are trained/molded on core BPO knowledge and skills.
Shorter learning curves
Business transition and migration durations reduced with shorter learning curves.
Reduced training costs
Save on non-billable fulltime employee costs incurred during induction and key BPO training conducted.
Ease your recruitment process
Increase conversion rates on the number of applications received, thus easing your selection and recruitment process.
Reduce attrition
A workforce that knows and appreciates the industry that will increase your retention.

FAOCCD Programme Advantage Partner

FAOCCD Advantage Partner LogoWe invite all Finance and Accounting BPO operators to be a "FAOCCD Programme Advantage Partner" to reap the full benefits of this unique programme. By joining the partner programme your organization will be kept informed of the start and end dates of the training cycle as well as the progress of each batch. Additionally you will receive profiles and other supporting material of each student completing the training programme.

The partnership programme also enables KaleidoSource to have a close working relationship with each member organization in order to receive reviews and evaluations of employees being induced through the FAOCCD programme. This would ensure that the quality of the FAOCCD Programme is maintained and improvements are made where necessary.

Click here to become a FAOCCD Programme Advantage Partner.